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Main Event

We invite you to the festival of light that is laid out in beautiful Namgang and Jinjuseong.

Chohon Jeomdeung
  • Street parade of citizen lanterns

    This is a street parade of citizen symbol lanterns. The parade route is : Music fountain→Jinju City Gongbukmun Gate→Insa Square→Jungang→Jinjugyo Bridge→Manggyeong-dong History Street(arrive at the event place and exhibition)

    10.1 (18:30~19:20) Leave the music fountain at Sinan-dong
  • Goyuje



    10.1 (18:10) Jinjuseong Fortress(Imjindaecheop Gyesasuneuidan)
  • Chohon Jeomdeung



    10.1 (19:30) special stage at Manggyeong-dong
  • Water Fireworks

    Spectacles are provided by holding water fireworks on Namgang.


    10.1 (20:00) Jinju Namgang River
Hanging the Wishing Lanterns
  • Hanging the Wishing Lanterns

    Citizens and tourists write their wish on the light praying their wish
    (quantity : 40,000pcs)


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Namgang riverside Manggyeong-dong
Floating lanterns
  • Floating lanterns

    below Chokseongmun Gate at the waterfront of Namgang River at Seongji-dong


    10.1 ~ 10.12 (18:00~23:00) Namgang riverside Manggyeong-dong
Yudeung(lantern) of memory floating
  • Yudeung(lantern) of memory floating

    Reenacts 'Yudeung(lantern) event' which had been performed since 1955 to remind of old memories becoming a participatory festival


    10.1 ~ 10.13 (19:00~21:00) Namgang riverside Chilam-dong (under Forseason)
Exhibition of world traditional lanterns and Korean lanterns
  • World traditional lanterns exhibition

    Exhibition of famous global attractions, people and children’s books including Statue of Liberty, Sphinx, Napoleon, Vikings, Little Mermaid, Snow White, the Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, etc.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Jinju Namgang River
  • Beautiful Korean Lamps

    In the 'Beautiful Korean Lamp' exhibition, you can view the national treasures and cultural heritages of Korea that have been passed down through the 5,000 years of history.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Jinju Namgang River
  • World famous fairy tale lantern

    Cultivate your creativity and culture through the world famous fairy tales as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, etc. and famous masterpiece pictures as The evening bell, Self-portrait, Scream !


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Jinju Namgang River
  • Jinju's spirit lantern

    Jinju has its own spirit based on goodwill. Feel the spirit of Jinju at 'Jinju's spirit' corner which contains the spirit of Jinju.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Jinju Namgang River
  • Aesop's fables lantern

    Due to its familiar animal characters and lessons, Aesop fables are good to cultivate children's personality. Depart for an interesting story land along with Aesop's fables.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Jinju Namgang River
  • World mystery lantern

    Mysterious world mystery lanterns such as Pyramid, Great Wall, Stonehenge, etc.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Jinju Namgang River
  • Company symbol lantern

    Companies' symbol lanterns that support Jinju Namgang river Yudeung Festival as a part of Corporation mecenat.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Jinju Namgang River
  • Local governments' symbol lantern

    Local governments' lantern : 30 Si, Gun, Gu (30)


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Namgang riverside under Jinjuseong Chokseokmun
  • Symbols of all the 32 administrative wards (Eup, Meon & Dong) of Jinju City lanterns exhibition

    Symbol lanterns of local specialties, symbols of 32 eub˙myeon˙dong of Jinju (quantity : 32)


    10.1 ~ 10.13 at the History Street of Manggyeong-dong
  • Street of humor and satire Exhibiting several

    If you want to meet humor and satire of Korean traditional mask dance, visit 'Street light of humor and satire'. Come and see the essence of various traditional mask dance including Jinju Ogwangdae.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Manggyeong-dong Daebat forest nearby Millennium square
  • Street of love

    Jinjugeyo bridge is the street of heaven, Cheonsugyo bridge is Garam street, which are the streets of love for lovers creating fantastic mood thanks to modernistic cherry lanterns.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Jinjugyo bridge,Cheonsugyo bridge
  • China Xian's night(Xian special Zone)

    A special light over 70m width scale with the representative symbols of China Xian such as the castle wall of Gokgang and Byungmayong which represent Xian China, and Poppy, famous for the love story with the Emperor Xuanzong of Tang.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Sinan-dong Music Fountain
  • Photograph Characters, etc.

    Photos and memories remain after a festival or a tour! Leave a memory with a photo with the background of photo character lights.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Sinan-dong Music Fountain
  • Religious participation, etc.

    Religious participatory lanterns, etc.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Manggyeong-dong Namgang riverside
Exhibition of Creative lantern
  • Creative lantern making contest

    Competition of small lanterns with creative idea of high school students, prize award.


    9. 1 ~ 9. 25 Jinju provincial high schools
  • Creative lantern exhibition

    7 high schools of Jinju, creative lanterns made by Myeongseok elementary school students and families.


    10. 1 ~ 10.13 Manggyeong-dong street of history
『Jinjuseong Revives with Light』 Exhibition
  • Korean Custom lantern

    Come and experience grandma's old stories at 'Korean Custom lanterns' full ofold memories such as watermelon stealing and pooping, etc.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Around Bukjangdae
  • Joseon Gisaeng lantern

    Yongcheon gisaeng Chowol who scolded the King, Jinju gisaeng Sanhong, who refused to be a concubine of an enemy. Meet 16 Joseon Gusaeng who lived the righteous life of patriotism and passion as well as the life of artist.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Dulle-gil of Jinjuseong
    (Changryeolsa temple gate)
  • Relic lantern

    You can meet various relics at 'Relic lights', such as Buddhist temple bell, Buncheong pottery, Bronze Mireukbosal thinking Buddhist image, etc. Also, get a historical knowledge.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Nearby Hoguksa temple
  • Jinjuseong battle reenactment lantern

    Appreciate the scene of battle field of Jinjuseong battle and Gyesasun in 1493, sweeping Japanese navy's ambition to invade Joseon in Oct 1492(Yimjin year). You can learn various information such as the process, significance, and images of Jinjuseong battle through QR code in Jinjuseong battle information unit.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 In front of admiral Kim, simin statue
  • Traditional fairy tale lantern

    Do you know the story of a bent old woman and an old man with a lump? Come and experience funny story told by the brilliant images of the lights at 'Traditional fairy tales lantern' corner.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Outdoor performance field
  • Samgang-oryun lantern

    Take an opportunity to reflect yourself rather than ignoring Korean traditional ethical order while viewing Samgang and Oryun, the basis of social ethics.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Around Yeongnampojeongsa
  • Bullfight lantern

    The origin of Korean traditional bullfight is Jinju bullfight. Enjoy the fun of the original bullfight at 'Bullfight lantern' which is very friendly to see two bulls fighting head to head with tough breath and beholders.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Yeongnampojeongsa gate
  • Folk game lantern

    Folk games from the ancient times are mainly performed with the farmers rather than noble class, which are performed as the traditional custom according to the change of agricultural seasons. There are lanterns about Neoltwigi, Kite flying, Jachigi, Janggi, Jukma, Jegichagi, etc., the representative games.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Chokseokru square
  • Moving lantern

    It is expected to present a lot of fun to the tourists with the moving lights based on new technology, escaping from the general concept of fixed lamp.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Around Yeongnampojeongsa
  • Jinjuseong dullegil lantern

    Do you know Jinjuseong dullegil decorated with brilliant lights? Feel the true romance of Yudeung festival walking along Jinju dullegil which is continued with 3 themes such as 'a road of meditation', 'a road of lovers', and 'a road of patriotism', along with the mossy castle wall.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 In Jinjuseong
  • October Christmas lantern for lovers

    October Christmas light exhibition in front of Jinjuseong dullegil entry is for young tourists, decorating the autumn night of Jinjuseong with around 30 lights including snowman, etc. using LED.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Behind Jinjuseong admiral Kim Simin statue