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We invite you to the festival of light that is laid out in beautiful Namgang and Jinjuseong.

Experience event and additional events
  • Citizens with Yudeung

    - Poets singing the river
    - Poem lanterns view


    Seminar 4p.m. 10.8 Gyeongnam University of Science and Technology 100 years' memorial hall
  • Wish lantern hanging

    An experiencing event to hang the wish lantern with one's wish on the exhibit site (charge : 10,000won)


    10.1~10.13(13:00~23:00) Manggyeong-dong Namgang riverside
  • Small lantern making

    Small light making experience event
    operated by Jinju Yudeung experience hall (paid)


    10.1~10.13(13:00~23:00) Manggyeong-dong Namgang riverside
  • Yudeung making and floating

    An experiencing event to make a lantern and float it to Namgang river (charge : 3,000won)


    10.1~10.13(18:00~23:00) Manggyeong-dong Namgang riverside
  • Bridge of love crossing (floating bridge)

    Bridge of love crossing (free of charge)


    10.1~10.13 No.1 bridge, No.2 bridge, No.3 bridge
  • Confession of love event

    An event to confess and confirm love through love fruit hanging experience


    10.1~10.13(18:00~23:00) Manggyeong-dong Namgang riverside
  • lantern making

    Cost : free / 12-jisin image lights, Happy mailbox, etc.


    10.1~10.13(13:00~23:00) Sinan-dong Music Fountain
  • Traditional game experience

    Experiencing traditional games as Jukma, Toho game, etc.


    10.1~10.13(13:00~23:00) In Jinjuseong
  • Wish realizing

    An event to directly experience beside the exhibited lanterns.


    10.1 ~ 10.13 In Jinjuseong
  • Onya tree' lantern, etc.

    Love tree that makes a fruit printed out on tablet when inputting a wish


    10.1 ~ 10.13 Around Jinjuseong outdoor performance field
  • Trick art experience

    Take a photo of one's story on trick art photo, receive a gift when selected


    10.1~10.13 Thousand year's square
  • Korea lantern contest selected works exhibit

    Korea lantern contest selected works exhibit (around 40 units)


    10.1 ~ 10.13 In Jinjuseong
  • Beautiful lantern cruise

    *Daytime : 4,000won
    *Nighttime : 5,000won


    10.1 ~ 10.13(13:00~24:00) Namgang (between Jinjugyo and
    Cheonsugyo bridge)
    Dock : Manggyeongdong riverside