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『Jinjuseong Revives with Light』 Exhibition

We invite you to the festival of light that is laid out in beautiful Namgang and Jinjuseong.

Jinjuseong battle reenactment lantern

Appreciate the scene of battle field of Jinjuseong battle and Gyesasun in 1493, sweeping Japanese navy's ambition to invade Joseon in Oct 1492(Yimjin year). You can learn various information such as the process, significance, and images of Jinjuseong battle through QR code in Jinjuseong battle information unit.

Jinjuseong dullegil lantern

Do you know Jinjuseong dullegil decorated with brilliant lights? Feel the true romance of Yudeung festival walking along Jinju dullegil which is continued with 3 themes such as 'a road of meditation', 'a road of lovers', and 'a road of patriotism', along with the mossy castle wall.

Samgang-oryun lantern

Take an opportunity to reflect yourself rather than ignoring Korean traditional ethical order while viewing Samgang and Oryun, the basis of social ethics.

Joseon Gisaeng lantern

Yongcheon gisaeng Chowol who scolded the King, Jinju gisaeng Sanhong, who refused to be a concubine of an enemy. Meet 16 Joseon Gusaeng who lived the righteous life of patriotism and passion as well as the life of artist.