yudeung story story

아름다운 남강과 진주성을 배경으로 펼쳐지는
빛의 축제에 여러분을 초대합니다.


lantern story

We invite you to the festival of light that is laid out
in beautiful Namgang and Jinjuseong.

Advanced lamp

It does not represent the same color you know but shows the splendid lantern that change to various colors with time. As the time changes, the color of lantern also changes to various colors up to 4 kinds and a large lamp with the height over 5m changes the clothing in a moment, which is the unusual scene.

Path of couple

It is the path of couples for them to hold each other’s hands while walking and make a memorable time. The atmospheric lamps are exhibited which express the ardent love of couples. If you walk with your lover, the love is accomplished.

Path of speculation

The path of speculation which is the trail of philosopher is a space to think what the index of life is that is important in living. Find your own path on the path of speculation on which 12 philosopher’s busts are exhibited as the lamp.

Path of loyalty

It is the space to celebrate numerous patriots who sacrificed themselves for the nation rather than their safety during national crisis. On this path, generals and soldiers remembered as the name of loyalty are made by lamps to exhibit.

Even trash cans are made by lamps on Jinju Namgang lantern festival place.

All kinds of lamps including wish lamp, lantern, symbol lantern, world institutions and customs lamp, created lamp, and traditional crafts lamp are installed in the lantern festival place. Every lamp has different patterns and sizes. There is 공북문 that reproduced small wish lamps in size of 20cm and emergency lamp in height of 15m, and Jinjuseong 공북문 as they were which are floated in Namgang directly. Especially, several trash cans and event guide maps installed near the venue are also made by lamps. Jinju is a city of lamp.

Reproducing Jinjuseong as the figure of Joseon era 400 years ago

Jinjuseong was reproduced as the figure of Joseon era 500 years ago. It will be a good chance to see our ancestors’ life style through the lamp. Folk plays, custom, and training figure of soldiers at that time are reproduced.

Traditional lamp, folk play, and experience place around the music fountain

This place meeting the lamp with the music fountain show and cultural art performance is organized with the material of ‘tradition’. Last year, surrounding lamps were too big to be harmonized with music fountain so small traditional lamps were arranged around the music fountain for the harmony. Also, thatched houses and folk pubs, and lookout sheds matching the tradition were installed to direct the atmosphere of folklore. Traditional folk play experience and palace costume-wearing experience are arranged. Cartoon characters and robots for children are installed for families to watch comfortably.