introduction origin

아름다운 남강과 진주성을 배경으로 펼쳐지는
빛의 축제에 여러분을 초대합니다.



We invite you to the festival of light that is laid out
in beautiful Namgang and Jinjuseong.

진주남강유등축제에 오신것 환영합니다.

The lamps wishing for the world peace and mankind fortune are lit in Jinju Namgang, a river of history.
It is called 2014 Jinju Namgang lantern festival.
The party of lamp that gathered our minds who live today and the minds of men of merit who died while keeping this land to light with one mind contains the beautiful nature, old history, and human’s good temper.
We hope you to enjoy the abundant autumn night with the lantern festival.

2014 Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival Chairman

Namgang is flowing in Jinju, a region of loyalty.
Namgang flowing eloquently with the joys and sorrows of millennium history has the beautiful landscape and is the vegetable garden for holy national soul who elevated the pride of our nation by fighting with enemy regardless of civilians, officials, and soldiers during the national crisis. Lighting the fire of lantern festival of Jinju Namgang on the edge of this historical river means we continue the traditional culture of our region and celebrate righteous souls who sacrificed their life for nation in Limjinyeon and Gyesinyeon. It also means to develop it as the global culture tourism product. We hope you to enjoy the festival together and pray for the nation’s prosperity and peace.

Mayor of jinju